Reinforce positive change in Zambia’s and Malawi's growing economy by being a successful one stop shop for investors, and assist local businesses and institutions attain international standards of operations.


Provide cost-effective Business Development and Tailored Training Tools, and form linkages between local and international businesses and reduce growth stagnation by identifying mechanisms to enhance companies’ perception on having a brighter future.

Hitgalut Consultants Limited is based in Lusaka, Zambia. It currently manages three portfolios namely – staff training, surgical equipment supply and Public Relations Services.  Hitgalut Lilongwe Limited is based in Lilongwe, Malawi and mirrors the current services provided in Lusaka.

Both companies thrive to safeguard its clients' vision and enhance its their staff members’ professional image in the workplace. We are aware of the various existing barriers of Zambia’s and Malawi's socio-economic participation. We are committed to applying appropriate knowledge management mechanisms that include applied research, material development, training, information dissemination and capacity building.