HITGALUT MEDICAL SOLUTIONS is dynamic and has set its sights on partnering with reputable global companies in Healthcare, Life Sciences & Research, Science Education as well as Clean Energy and Natural Resource  to bring practicable, reliable, cost effective and robust solutions in these respective areas in Zambia.

Our focus is on:

1. Consolidating market information, developing strategic plans in line with global industry trends and advancing in-country product supply and        support structures to build sustainable individual business models geared to drive the growth of our company as well as our partner companies.

2. Developing local capacities and capabilities in the specific disciplines for better appreciation and support of the products supplied in-country.

3. Developing customer support mechanisms and effective Customer Knowledge Management (CKM) and Value Chain Management (VCM) to drive business development & growth.  

Our fundamental objectives are focused on:

1. Bringing relevant and innovative products and solutions for enhanced patient care, clinical diagnostics, life sciences & research laboratories as well as science education across Zambia,

2. Increasing our shareholder and stakeholder value through value addition on products and services offered to the end users.

Minimal Invasive Surgery                          Multiplex Molecular Diagnostics         Allergy Diagnostics [Inhalants | Food]