Never a dull moment Our trainings are interactive and thought provoking to real life working relationships

I Branding Your Personal Image                      

1.       Workplace presentation

2.       Understanding the definition of colour

3.       Dress code

4.       Basic hygiene


II Communication skills

1.   Communication Skills – verbal and non-verbal

2.   Language & presentation skills

4.   Culture vs. global customer service

5.   Business Etiquette

      a.       Relating to others

      b.     E-mail & telephone use


IV Team Building

1.       Not everyone is a leader

2.       Bridging the gap at all levels

3.       Activities

4.       Working with difficult people

5.       Goal setting and planning


V Leadership Skills

1.  Positive influence

2.  Ideal role model

3.  Team building


IV Public Speaking

1.   Understanding your audience

2.   Physical presentation – what to wear and what not to wear

3.   How to address the media – language skills and speech writing

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