Services in Zambia

By empowering businesses and entrepreneurs, Hitgalut Consultants provides wealth of information that builds confidence through training, communications and business development support. Hitgalut Consultants is a company that assists individuals to enhance their personal professional image in the workplace. 


Hitgalut Consultants is aware of the various existing barriers of Zambia's socioeconomic participation. Our goal is to lower these barriers and facilitate empowerment. We are committed to applying appropriate knowledge management mechanisms that include applied research, material development, training, information dissemination and capacity building. By working with the appropriate Government bodies, we aim to increase the number of local businesses develop partnerships with international investors and improve their profile to international standards. 

For international investors seeking a place in the local market, we provide administrative services in:

  • Company Registration
  • Legal Services
  • Research
  • Visa Processing 
  • Public Relations Services

Services in Malawi

Unlike the Zambian office, Hitgalut Lilongwe Limited strives to provide Corporate Public Relations Services. Our Corporate PR have various platforms that include internal and external functions. Our internal and external functions will use press releases, social media, products and events to facilitate the building and managing relationships for our clients.  

International PR include internal social media/blog and internal newsletters highlighting employee affairs. External PR for corporations is larger and includes a variation of messages to the public – corporate social responsibilities, social functions, and crisis communication.

Hitgalut Lilongwe provides Soft Skills Training for staff to enhance their performance on the growing market.  Please visit our training page for more details.

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